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Hana Microfinance provides micro loans (group and individual) to small businesses and individuals who lack access to traditional banking services. With the capital provided, our clients can expand their current business, or start new business.

Business Loan

It is disbursed to groups or individuals for the required investment to start a new business or expand their existing businesses.

Individual Loan

It is especially for SME businesses and its purpose is to provide higher loan size for high-income clients to start new businesses, expand the existing businesses and to provide higher loan size for existing group loan clients. It is offered for both new and old clients.

Consumer Loan

It is disbursed to the clients to purchase the essential items for their families. (Hana Microfinance disburses Consumer Loan with lower interest rate to women savings group led by Woman for the World organization whose members have lower income and do not have own houses or stay at rented places.)

Client Stories

Daw Khin Myint Htay
Popcorn Business Owner

Daw Thet Mar Soe
Small Garment Factory Owner

Daw Kyin Hla
Convenience Store Owner

Hana Microfinance Limited