Hana Microfinance provided over 60 million Kyats (BWF) to clients from Salin Township 

12th June, 2023
Hana Microfinance is dedicated to continuously supporting the success and improvement of our clients’ businesses and hence we are striving to alleviate their challenges and assist them as much as we can.

On May 14, Cyclone Mocha hit Magway Region and we are saddened by the devastating impacts of Cyclone Mocha on some of our clients from Salin Township, Magway Region. To assist those affected, Hana employees led by Area Operation Manager, Wai Phyo Kyaw visited Salin Township and provided over 60 million Kyats of Beneficiary Welfare Fund to support our clients who suffered significant losses due to the storm. Furthermore, we have rescheduled repayment dates for over 1,300 clients who were hugely impacted by the storm.

As previously announced, Hana employees will not collect payments from the clients whose repayment schedules were revised due to Cyclone Mocha. However, if they wish to make repayments voluntarily during that time, they can repay through digital wallets such as Kpay and Wave Pay or by visiting our branch office.

Hana Microfinance stands united with our clients during these challenging times and remains committed to offering as much assistance as possible.