Hana Microfinance to provide over 170 million Kyats (BWF) to clients severely impacted by Cyclone Mocha in Sittwe and Salin Townships

May 30, 2023
Hana Microfinance extends heartfelt condolences to the clients from Sittwe Township, Rakhine State and Salin Township, Magway Region for the losses they have encountered in the aftermath of Cyclone Mocha, which made landfall in Rakhine State on 14-5-2023.

On May 29, Hana Microfinance’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Min Thu, along with Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Yoo Byung Seo, visited the clients from the Ward and Villages in Sittwe Township where severe damages were caused by Cyclone Mocha, observed the clients’ situation firsthand, and provided Beneficiary Welfare Fund (BWF) to the clients accessible at present. They have met with clients and encouraged them to withstand their hardships.

Negotiations were conducted with the clients who suffered terrible impacts, including rescheduling loan repayment dates based on their requests, according to each Ward and Village. During this specified period, Hana employees will temporarily suspend the collection of re-payments from the mentioned clients. However, if clients voluntarily wish to make repayments during the postponed period, they can visit the respective Branch Offices or pay via E-Wallet, such as KBZ Pay and Wave Pay, etc.

At present, Hana is gathering client information from Salin Township, Magway Region where similar consequences occurred due to Cyclone Mocha, to provide BWF to them as soon as possible. In times of hardship, Hana stays ready to support clients, standing alongside them, providing unwavering assistance and support.

Hana Microfinance, the subsidiary of Hana Financial Group in South Korea, is one of the largest microfinance institutes in Myanmar with a workforce of over 1500 employees and a total of 77 Branch Offices across the country.